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About the Glendale Streetcar

The City of Glendale is engaged in a streetcar feasibility study that would seek to connect the Larry Zarian Transportation Center with the vibrant heart of the Downtown. A modern streetcar line would establish a connection between its centers of entertainment, dining, shopping, and residents along the Brand Boulevard and Central Avenue corridors. With connections to Beeline bus service, Metro bus lines, and rail service at the Larry Zarian Transportation Center, the streetcar has the potential to attract visitors and tourists, in addition to creating an improved transit connection for those that live and work in Glendale.

Potential Routes

Route 1

The loop option would utilize both Brand Boulevard and Central Avenue to connect with the Larry Zarian Transportation Center. A northbound track would service Central Avenue north of Colorado Street, while a southbound track would service Brand Boulevard. South of Colorado the north and southbound tracks would both operate on Central Avenue until they connect at the Larry Zarian Transportation Center, with existing Amtrak and Metrolink services. 

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Route 2

The bi-directional option would serve north and southbound tracks on Central Avenue, south of Colorado Street, and move to Brand Boulevard north of Colorado Street. This would concentrate the streetcar on Glendale’s most popular pedestrian street and the center of entertainment, dining, and shopping activity within the city.


Potential streetcar configuration: looking north at Central Avenue and Laurel Street


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